Sales Management

Sales Managers: We provide our partners with experienced sales professionals who intently focus on and communicate with the buyers in order to close a sale. Our agents keep up to snuff by attending New Home’s Sales training programs on a regular basis. All are members of the Sales and Marketing Council, from which several have won New Homes Sales awards. In addition, our extensive group of agents allows us to assemble a team of professionals unique to a project’s specific demographic – truly catering to the diversity seen in today’s world.

Sales Professionals: We provide sales agents that are selected specifically to meet the needs of each sales venture. Our sales agents are active members of the real estate community, staying in touch with the latest trends by attending training programs regularly and as members of the Sales and Marketing Council. Once onsite the sales agents will manage all prospects, write contracts and will work closely with our in-house escrow management team to ensure the timely close of each and every home. The sales agents develop relationships with the surrounding community and attend every local networking event to spread the word of the project they are working on. Their dedication will leave each seller confident that their homes are in the best hands.

Sales Reporting: We know that as a developer your project is very important to you. As a result, we make sure that you are kept up to date on all sales and marketing activity weekly. Our reporting methods track where we are but more importantly it creates a road-map for where we are going with the future sales and marketing.